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 DNA Paternity Test Fees, Report and Requirements

Legal DNA Paternity Test

Common uses of our Legal Relationship Tests include birth registration, child custody, immigration, and court cases. Testing DNA for legal purposes must be performed following Chain of Custody (each step of the procedures from identifying the test subjects to sampling and testing will be documented and signed) so that the test results are legally admissible.

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Court Case DNA Test Consultation

GenePro has been serving the legal community since 1999 and we have acted as a joint-expert in the court several times. In this regard, we are familiar with the specific requirements of a court-order test, legal documentation, and preparation of the court report. To conduct a court test, please contact our professional team at 2815-5131 or by email, wwtyc@geneprolab.com

Home DNA Paternity Test (For personal use only)

Home DNA Paternity Test is not admissible in the court and it is for personal knowledge only, as the identities of the test subjects or the origins of the samples will not be verified. However, the DNA testing protocol and accuracy of the test results are same as Legal DNA Paternity Test.

For Home DNA Paternity Test only, some samples can be taken at home and sent to us including:

  • Swab (standard sample type)
  • Hair with root
  • Mug, spoon, toothpick, drinking straw
  • Cigarette butt
  • Nail clippings
  • Tissue paper
  • Others, please enquire

Further private consultation, please call 2815 5131

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DNA Test Fees and Pricing

The for a relationship DNA test depending on the number of individuals being tested and the purpose of its use, Legal DNA Test or Personal Use DNA Test. Nonetheless, we kept our prices low and unchanged for years aiming at helping the community to fulfill their special needs in relationship testing. The DNA Test fees include: (i) documentation and sample collection, (ii) DNA analysis, and (iii) ONE copy of test report. Additional copies of test report will be charged.

Legal and Home DNA Test Report Turn-over Time

With the technological advancement, we managed to deliver a quick and reliable paternity test service without additional charges applied, with standard turn-over time of 2 working days, unless otherwise indicated. Express 24-hour service is also available with additional charges apply. For Kinship test, the time required for testing varies depending on the scope of the test.

Report (Private and Confidential)

Test reports are professional written, according to ISFG/AABB recommendation. We protect the privacy of our customers. All information are secured.

DNA Test Report Delivery method

Delivery method of your DNA test report must be informed on the day you set up your test. Options are:

  • DNA Report pick up in person at our laboratory in Shatin
  • Report delivery by courier-service (additional fees applied)
  • E-mail or via WhatsApp
  • By phone using a password (only for private test use)