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 DNA Forensic Investigation with GenePro

Apart from the government laboratory, we are a private DNA testing company that possesses more than 16 years’ experience in handling forensic samples to recover DNA for further testing. Cases we have associated with include lawyers, private investigators, private citizens (for deceased person), doctors and hospitals. Our expert has also testified for the defense several times in a court of law.

Tests we conduct for forensic cases include the following:
  • Human identification and human relationship
  • Post-mortem samples (e.g. in inheritance disputes)
  • Missing person, Disaster victims
  • Baby switching, sample mixed-up etc.
  • Infidelity
  • Criminal investigation for the defense
  • Private investigation
  • Examination of forensic evidence
  • Confirmatory testing
  • Consultation and court testimony
For more technical consultation, we can be reached at 2815-5131

Forensic samples we examined but not limited to:
  • Whole Blood & Blood Stain
  • Buccal cells (Cheek Swab, Saliva Stain, Cigarette Butts, Drinking Straw, Drinking Cup & Bottle, Spoon & Tooth Picks, Tissue Paper, Baby Pacifier)
  • Hair with Root
  • Semen and Semen Stain, Vaginal Swab & Stain
  • Biopsy and Autopsy Samples, Tissue on Microscope Slides
  • Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) Tissue Sample
  • Abortus
  • Nail etc.