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 DNA Paternity Test Schedule & Appointment

Legal Test:
We prefer DNA samples for Legal Test to be taken at our laboratory located at Shatin by our staff following Chain of Custody procedures. Appointment is needed 1 hour ahead of your arrival.

The following are the documents and items you need to provide on sampling day:
  • Proof of identity of tested individual
  • Photo (if required), or we can take photos for you on site
  • Contact information
  • Cash, full payment is required at the time of sampling. Samples will be processed once the payment has been received.
Private Test:
Samples can be taken at our center by appointment OR
Client’s self-obtained samples should be stored in clean sealed bags and clearly labeled;
and submit to our test center in person / by courier/ by picked-up service.

Appointment for tests and other enquiries:
Phone:  (852) 2815-5131

Via Online
(852) 5648-4089 (WhatsApp, Wechat)
Email: geneprolab@gmail.com
For lawyers, submission of legal documents and samples by post/courier to:

Unit 803, 8/F., Technology Park, 18 On Lai Street, Shatin, Hong Kong

Copies of documents by:
Fax: (852) 2815-5102  or  E-mail