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 DNA Paternity Test Schedule & Appointment

Legal Test:
We prefer DNA samples for Legal Test to be taken at our laboratory located at Shatin by our staff following Chain of Custody procedures. Appointment is needed 1 hour ahead of your arrival.

However, for your convenience, we do have other collaborators in Hong Kong Island (Wan Chai, Tai Koo), as well as in Kowloon (Mongkok). If you wish to visit one of our collaborating centers for a Legal Test, please contact us for appointment at least 1 day before your test.

The following are the documents and items you need to provide on sampling day:
  • Proof of identity of tested individual
  • Photo (if required), or we can take photos for you on site
  • Contact information
  • Cash, full payment is required at the time of sampling. Samples will be processed once the payment has been received.
Private Test:
Samples can be taken at our center by appointment OR
Client’s self-obtained samples should be stored in clean sealed bags and clearly labeled;
and submit to our test center in person / by courier/ by picked-up service.

Appointment for tests and other enquiries:
Phone:  (852) 2815-5131

Via Online
(852) 5648-4089 (WhatsApp, Wechat)
Email: wwtyc@geneprolab.com
For lawyers, submission of legal documents and samples by post/courier to:

Rm 2001, 20/F., Technology Park, 18 On Lai Street, Shatin, Hong Kong

Copies of documents by:
Fax: (852) 2815 5102  or  E-mail